Lilac Suede

Our playful take on an everyday sneaker. Handcrafted with lilac suede, the LIBBY reimagines this classic style with a clean three-strap closure and our iconic cutout. A thick vulcanized rubber sole brings all-day comfort for both work and play.

  • Our shoes are made from the highest quality leather which will last season after season. Leather is a natural material and will give with wear. These shoes may feel snug at first but will loosen as they break in. 
  • 100% Italian leather in lilac suede 
  • Padded leather footbed 
  • Vulcanized rubber sole for enhanced durability 
  • Hook and loop straps for adjustability and perfect fit, but easy to slip-on
  • Available in whole and half sizes 5-11 
  • ALMA is the last used for this sneaker. Learn more about lasts here.

Please note the LIBBY may have a break-in period. If you ultimately plan to wear without socks, we suggest you wear them around your house with socks for the first few wears or in shorter timeframes until the leather heel softens. 

The LIBBY sneaker is fitting true to size.

The LIBBY is handmade at our family-owned factory in the traditional footwear town of Elda, Spain. Our leather is sourced from the finest tanneries across Italy. Each upper is cut, sewn and lasted by Spanish artisans who are experts in their craft. 

See the factory.

The best way to care for suede is prevention, as this will help minimize damage from moisture, oil, dirt, salt, and hopefully prevent staining. Water and stain guards can be purchased at a cobbler or drugstore. Please test the stain guard on a small section of your shoes before you treat the whole pair. 

Suede should be kept out of direct sunlight for long periods of time, as it is especially prone to fade. If a shoe gets wet, soak up the moisture as soon as possible with a clean towel and allow it to air dry, then brush the nap with a suede brush. For regular suede maintenance, a suede brush can be used to refresh the nap of the suede. 

FRĒDA SALVADOR shoes are all handmade in Spain using the finest leathers. Because of this, each pair will have unique variations, we love this about our shoes and hope you do too. Depending on how often you wear your FRĒDAS, what kind of terrain you are walking on, and how hard you are on your shoes will factor into the longevity of your shoes.

From waterproofing to sole wear, find more care here

We’ve been told these sneakers are one of the most comfortable shoes we make—please know the suede may need a little breaking in to make them yours. We suggest wearing your LIBBYs with socks for the first few wears while they form to your feet. 

Styling tip: Even past the break-in period, we love our LIBBYs with a bold sock as its perfect, everyday accessory. 

The best way to care your suede is prevention. Suede protectant is the best way to do this. If it gets wet, we recommend soaking up the moisture with a dry towel as soon as possible to avoid staining. For regular care, a suede brush keeps them looking new.

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